About us

Mariel, my wife, and I live in Canada at a place we created called Mysthaven. Mysthaven is just outside Toronto and consists of 55 acres (22 hectares) of man-made wilderness, 2 artificial lakes, many km of trails and habitat to support a variety of wildlife. We operate Mysthaven www.mysthaven.com as a retreat centre where small groups meet in this beautiful setting to connect with each other and with nature. We have accommodations for up to 30 guests and meeting and food service capability for up to 120 guests.

Also on the property is my workshop and laboratory where I develop medical products presently in conjunction with McMaster University and the Hamilton teaching hospitals. www.somawave.com and www.iceotherm.com are sites that show some of my devices. On my personal site www.saringer.com are some of my other articles and papers. The site www.continuouspassivemotion.org is dedicated to my 20 years with Toronto Medical in the field of CPM with Dr. R B Salter  Finally www.memoron.com is dedicated to artificial intelligence that isn't.

When in Malta we stay at Mariel's parents home in St Julians. (Photos: 1) Mariel and John, Dingli Cliffs 2) Mariel and her parents )