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This site is dedicated to the exploration of the cart rut mystery of Malta and providing a useful on line reference to this artefact. It was inspired by my visit to Malta in August 2006 with my wife Mariel Camilleri Saringer and the numerous animated discussions I had with several helpful Maltese, as well as site visits. I look forward to visiting Malta again, to gather more data and evidence that the ruts originated from the Maltese temple building period ca 5000 or more years ago.

Malta is an extraordinary country, rich in human history, dating back at least 7000 years. Heritage Malta It is a must visit for anyone interested in human prehistory. On the island is conclusive proof that the prehistoric Maltese were a technically sophisticated and organized people capable of building massive stone structures and synthesizing rock (Torba) that involves know-how in the field of engineering design, construction, chemistry and architecture. We may even say that masonry, the art of cutting, working and synthesizing stone, shows one of its earliest and most sophisticated manifestation on this island. These monuments and the technology may well have evolved here first before migrating elsewhere in Europe and giving rise to the Megalithic age. They predate the Giza pyramids by over 1000 years, and indeed, just at the time the temple builders disappeared from Malta, is when the first of the great pyramids were built at Giza.

Many thanks to the various people who have supported my interest including Ivo and Mary Camilleri, my in-laws, and hosts in St Julian where we stayed. Also to Wendy Jo Attard who directed me to various sources of information in Malta, to the anonymous local man in the red pickup I met at Clapham Junction and Shaun Arrigo who shared with me his underwater finds off the northeast coast of Malta.

I look forward to sharing this info and the extraordinary adventure of discovery over the land and surrounding seas of Malta as the mystery of cart ruts and its solution slowly unfold.